What is legal malpractice?

As a professional, you are held to certain standards in California. If you hire a legal professional to do a service for you, you have the right to expect he or she meets those professional standards. When he or she fails to do so, it may be considered legal malpractice. At Lange Law Corporation, we assist people like you who have been involved in a case of malpractice. Having a unique viewpoint from a past of representing professionals in malpractice suits, we are better able to navigate the process. However, understanding more about this issue can also help you.

The American Bar Association outlines a range of conduct that can be considered legal malpractice. In general, you should expect your lawyer to be competent and do his or her best to represent your interests. Malpractice may include a situation where your lawyer has a relationship with someone on the opposing side and did not disclose this to you. It can be if he or she fails to meet deadlines for filing or making a move in your case. Malpractice can also occur if you specifically instruct your attorney to do something or not do something and he or she does not honor those instructions.

Some oversights can also be malpractice. For example, mathematical errors or a clerical error are both grounds for malpractice. If your attorney or one of his or her representatives lose or damage evidence, this is also a malpractice situation.

The general representation you receive is also grounds for a case. A lawyer who is incompetent or who does not understand important aspects of the law is neglecting his or her professional duty. Outright fraud is also a clear issue. If your attorney decides to no longer represent you and does not have proper grounds upon which to do so, you may also have a case. To learn more about malpractice, please visit our website.