What is professional malpractice?

California residents locked in legal battles to protect their rights may, in some unfortunate cases, find themselves fighting for much more than they bargained for. We at the Lange Law Corporation specialize in professional and legal malpractice cases, aiming to help out those who have turned to other legal professionals only to find themselves in even hotter water than before.

So what is professional malpractice, exactly? Simply put, it’s applicable in any scenario where a professional hasn’t adhered to the standards of their profession. This doesn’t apply strictly to legal professionals. For example, taking the erroneous advice of an accountant who made poor calculations and losing money because of it can make for a professional malpractice case.

However, it is generally best known for covering legal malpractice cases. These are cases in which you have relied on a lawyer or attorney to aid you as you deal with legal troubles, but end up cheated out of proper help, money, time, or resources. Faulty advice, dishonest practices, or not upholding agreements or contracts can all be cases in which a lawyer or other legal professional has committed professional malpractice.

Dealing with cases of professional or legal malpractice might seem like an additional headache on top of whatever legal issues you may have already been dealing with. However, dealing with the wrongdoings you have faced is the fastest way to get back to focusing on what matters to you. Take a look through our web page related to professional malpractice to get a better understanding of your potential options.