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September 2017 Archives

Common factors in legal malpractice suits

Hiring a California attorney often involves a sizable investment, and you want to feel confident that the person you are paying to represent your interests is experienced, thorough and otherwise fully capable of doing so. Regrettably, however, some attorneys are prone to errors, and when those errors arise because of negligence or ill intent, they may constitute professional malpractice. At the Lange Law Corporation, we have a firm understanding of what constitutes legal malpractice, and we have helped numerous clients seek recourse after suffering hardship because of attorney errors.

Knowing if your attorney improperly withdrew

When you hire an attorney in California, you are putting your trust in the hands of a professional who you believe will fight for your rights and represent you in the best light possible. While this is true in most cases, there are some incidents when an attorney fails to do his or her duty and leaves you, the client, to deal with the negative consequences. This could mean fines, fees or even jail time. We at Lange Law Corporation work hard to ensure that you receive compensation for any wrongs that were done to you, especially if your attorney failed to properly withdraw.

What is a case within a case?

When California residents hire an attorney, they expect him or her to represent them vigorously and competently. Sometimes, however, they lose their lawsuit and believe it to have been due to their attorney’s negligence. At that point they are faced with the prospect of suing the attorney for legal malpractice, a situation that often is called trying a case within a case.

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