Common factors in legal malpractice suits

Hiring a California attorney often involves a sizable investment, and you want to feel confident that the person you are paying to represent your interests is experienced, thorough and otherwise fully capable of doing so. Regrettably, however, some attorneys are prone to errors, and when those errors arise because of negligence or ill intent, they may constitute professional malpractice. At the Lange Law Corporation, we have a firm understanding of what constitutes legal malpractice, and we have helped numerous clients seek recourse after suffering hardship because of attorney errors.

Per the American Bar Association, many legal malpractice cases involve similar errors. For example, you may want to hold your attorney accountable if he or she misses important legal deadlines, and your case suffers as a result. Maybe your attorney failed to file necessary paperwork before the deadline, or maybe he or she inaccurately listed dates on a calendar and this led to the oversight. Regardless of the cause, if your attorney fails to meet critical deadlines, you may have grounds for a professional malpractice suit.

Another common factor in many legal malpractice suits is a conflict of interest. For example, it is unethical for your attorney to represent both you and someone on an opposing side of your case. Additionally, say you suffered an injury at a store. If your attorney also has business interests in the store where you suffered your injury, this would likely present a conflict of interest.

Attorney fee disputes, too, are common in many modern professional malpractice suits. In some cases, the lawyer first sues the client for unpaid legal fees, and then the client follows up with a legal malpractice suit. Such cases are more likely to arise when attorneys fail to properly outline and document how their fees work from the outset. These are just a few of the common factors in legal malpractice suits. For more about your options as a victim of professional malpractice, visit our web page.