3 common causes of legal malpractice claims

If you live in California and hire an attorney, chances are, you have full faith in his or her ability to properly represent you and act on your behalf. Regrettably, however, attorneys are not immune to making errors, but when the stakes are high, some errors are unacceptable. At Lange Law Corporation, we understand how devastating it can be if you devote time and resources to a particular attorney who fails to properly represent you, and we have helped many clients faced with such scenarios seek appropriate recourse.

Per the University of Houston Law Center, the single-most common malpractice allegation faced by today’s attorneys is conflict of interest. “Conflict of interest” refers to the presence of a compromising influence that has the capacity to affect the level of service a lawyer provides to his or her client. For example, maybe an attorney represents you and someone whose objective directly conflicts with your own, or maybe there is another reason you have concerns about your lawyer’s ability to provide loyal, judgment-free counsel.

The second-most common reason clients file legal malpractice claims is because they believe their attorneys made procedural errors. For example, maybe your lawyer failed to file paperwork by a necessary deadline, or perhaps he or she missed an important hearing.

The third most-common reason clients file malpractice claims against their lawyers is because they feel their attorneys either gave inadequate advice, or simply did not know enough about a given area of law to provide adequate representation. Any lawyer who agrees to take your case should have adequate knowledge of the area in which you need assistance, and if his or her lack of knowledge hinders your case, you may be able to pursue legal action. More about legal malpractice is available on our web page.