Proving negligence in a legal malpractice case

If you live in California and have reason to hire an attorney, you want to feel confident in his or her abilities, and you want to feel assured that the investment you make is worth it. Regrettably, however, not all attorneys behave ethically at all times, leaving some clients wondering if they may be able to file a legal malpractice claims in their case’s aftermaths. At Lange Law Corporation, we have a firm understanding of what it takes to win a legal malpractice case based on negligence, and we have assisted many clients who suffered losses because of their attorneys’ actions pursue appropriate recourse.

Per Findlaw, legal malpractice is frequently misunderstood, and one of the most common questions voiced about legal malpractice involves what you must prove in order to win your case. In many cases, legal malpractice claims allege that a lawyer behaved negligently in his or her representation of a client, and if you choose to pursue this type of case, you must demonstrate certain things for your case to prove successful.

First, you must showcase that your attorney had an obligation to provide you with competent, knowledgeable representation, and that your lawyer breached this duty by either making an error or behaving carelessly when handling your case. Second, you must be able to demonstrate that you suffered harm and financial loss because of the attorney error.

Another important element in a legal malpractice case involves demonstrating “causation.” Essentially, “causation” means that, if not for the negligent actions of your attorney, you would have been able to win your case. More about legal malpractice is available on our web page.