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August 2018 Archives

What is a breach of contract?

Whether you own a small business or are in the corporate office of a large company, you may deal with contracts on a regular basis. Contracts are a necessary part of business interactions, as they allow you to define a service or partnership and add specific guidelines regarding the matter. A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties involved in the agreement fails to keep their end of the bargain or does not fulfill their obligation as stated in the contract.

When your attorney will not respond to you

If you reside in California and have ever had cause to hire an attorney, you probably did some due diligence of your own before hiring someone to represent you. Chances are, you also had high expectations for the relationship and felt confident the person you hired would respond to your needs and questions promptly and effectively. Regrettably, however, this is not always the case. At Lange Law Corporation, we understand that you may have questions about whether your attorney’s failure to respond to you constitutes legal malpractice, and we have helped many clients with similar concerns determine whether they may have legal recourse.

What deadlines can lawyers miss?

When you hire an attorney in California, they have a duty to prepare your case as best as they can and make sure every aspect of it is properly organized. Even the simplest of mistakes can cost you dearly. Unfortunately, a common mistake among negligent lawyers that leads to numerous legal malpractice trials is the failure to meet a deadline.

Does unhappiness equate to legal malpractice?

It is not always easy to know who to hire when you need a California attorney. More than anything, you want someone who has expertise in the area in which you need help. But it is not enough for him or her to be an expert. You also want the lawyer you hire to work hard as an advocate for you, and advocacy is a unique skill that goes beyond knowledge in a practice area.

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