When your attorney will not respond to you

If you reside in California and have ever had cause to hire an attorney, you probably did some due diligence of your own before hiring someone to represent you. Chances are, you also had high expectations for the relationship and felt confident the person you hired would respond to your needs and questions promptly and effectively. Regrettably, however, this is not always the case. At Lange Law Corporation, we understand that you may have questions about whether your attorney’s failure to respond to you constitutes legal malpractice, and we have helped many clients with similar concerns determine whether they may have legal recourse.

Per FindLaw, you may have questions about your attorney’s competence and ability to provide you with effective representation if he or she fails to respond to you despite the many methods he or she could potentially use to do so. Nowadays, most lawyers have access to cellphones, email, snail mail and other avenues of communication, so it makes sense that you may question one who fails to get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.

Before you proceed with a lawsuit against your attorney, however, there is an important step you may want to take first. If your attorney does not respond to your despite numerous attempts to contact him or her, draft a firm, strongly worded letter that voices your concerns, and make sure to save a copy for yourself. Typically, you may want to avoid threatening legal malpractice claims at this stage.

If, however, the letter does nothing to improve the situation, you may have little choice other than to fire the lawyer shirking his or her duties and hire a more competent one. You may, however, receive a bill after doing from that attorney who wants you to pay up on work already performed. You can find more on legal malpractice on our webpage.