Act quickly when a lawyer blows the statute of limitations

Lawyers often have many important dates in their calendars. However, few deadlines are as essential to a case as the one described in the relevant statute of limitations. For an overview of the concept, feel free to look at FindLaw’s article on the subject of legal time limits — but the general idea is that this is the absolute latest a California or federal court would consider your case under normal circumstances. 

Nobody would fault an attorney for making a few mistakes. Here at the Lange Law Corporation, we are the first to admit that, even with a law degree, a person remains a fallible human being. However, blowing the statute of limitations for a case is not something we easily write off as an innocent mistake. 

There are a few reasons that we believe no competent lawyer should ever forget this date. For one thing, this time limit plays an extremely important role in almost every case filing: It is not some obscure technicality of court procedure. Additionally, statute-of-limitation information is widely available about any given action, whether it is criminal or civil. Finally, we believe it is relatively simple to recall this basic information for a given area of practice, even without reference. For example, everyone in our office knows that the limit is one year in California for bringing claims of legal malpractice.

You might expect your lawyer to forget to reply to a phone call or to occasionally misspell a word in an email. However, you would rightly not expect a lawyer to forget one of the single most important dates in your case’s calendar — doing so could even provide grounds for a lawsuit. For more information, please continue to read on our main site.