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October 2018 Archives

Could my lawyer testify against me?

You probably trust your lawyer with a great deal of information. Some of it might be potentially damaging: to your case, your reputation or your finances, for example. California attorneys are bound to a certain code of ethics that prevents them from divulging this information under normal circumstances.

What are the consequences of legal malpractice?

You place a certain amount of trust in an attorney you hire to protect your legal interests. As a highly educated professional, lawyers are placed in such esteem as surgeons, financial advisors and others who are expected to make important decisions and guide others who know less about these professions. As such, when you and other Californians are let down by an attorney you trusted, the results can be devastating.

What are the most common types of legal malpractice?

When you hire a California attorney to represent you in a legal matter, you expect him or her not only to have the requisite education, training and experience to competently handle your case, but also to take your case seriously and diligently protect your rights. While no attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case, you nevertheless expect your lawyer to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

California considers new regulations on legal malpractice

California’s recently been making the news for creating newer laws that give employees more freedom when it comes to harassment cases in the workplace. However, laws for multiple industries could face potential changes as the state tries to make it fair for more employees or customers. The legal field is not immune from this.

Identifying permitted disclosures of information

Dealing with legal matters is never easy, and often a resource that people in El Segundo only pursue as a last resort. Thus, if you are put in a position of needing legal assistance, the details of what got you there may be rather sensitive. Your reluctance to disclose them, then, is understandable. It is required, however, in order to ensure you have the best representation possible. The nature of the information given to their attorneys (and the circumstances in which it was given) is why so many of those that we here at the Lange Law Corporation work with feel so betrayed when those attorneys disclose it. 

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