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November 2018 Archives

What are the statute of limitations for California?

When you hire an attorney to represent your case, you trust that the lawyer will act in a professional manner. You also may believe that they have a full knowledge and understanding of the laws in California, including the statute of limitations for crimes. There are some attorneys, however, that do not adhere to these deadlines and may, as a result, have your case dismissed or thrown out. The outcome of your case may have been different if the attorney representing your case following these strict deadlines. The statute of limitations involves deadlines given in which to file a lawsuit. Once this time period has passed, you may be unable to file a lawsuit.

What is a legal conflict of interest?

When looking for an attorney, some California residents prefer one who is friendly and approachable, while others prefer an aggressive, efficient style. You may agree with other clients that professionalism and ethics should be important traits your attorney values, whether he or she is amiable or no-nonsense. It can violate your trust, not to mention your rights, if your attorney’s own interests – whether professional or personal – lead to unprofessional conduct.

An attorney's loyalty to a client

When a person in California seeks legal representation for any type of matter, they should be able to trust that their attorney will always work in their best interests. In fact, the American Bar Association indicates that this trust is part and parcel of a lawyer's ethical responsibility to each and every client they represent. The guidelines by which legal professionals are held stipulate this exact thing.

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