A statute of limitations exists for legal malpractice claims

When you pay someone to represent you in a California legal matter, you likely do so with the utmost confidence that the person you are trusting to advocate on your behalf will do exactly that. Regrettably, however, lawyers, like other professionals, are not immune to making errors, but certain mistakes made by attorneys can mean considerable hardship for their clients. At the Lange Law Corporation, we recognize that you only have a certain amount of time to come forward when your lawyer fails to provide adequate representation, and we have helped many clients whose lawyers dropped the ball pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath.

According to the American Bar Association, you typically have one year to come forward when an attorney you hired to represent you does something that may be grounds for a malpractice suit. In some cases, however, the one-year period does not begin until the attorney stops representing you, in which case you will have one year from the final day of representation to file a legal malpractice claim against this individual.

In other words, if you feel your attorney acted in a manner that may be grounds for malpractice, whether by missing deadlines, failing to appear when necessary or what have you, you would be wise to take swift and appropriate action. Failing to file a claim against your attorney within the one-year period will typically eliminate your ability to ever do so, meaning you will have little recourse available to you once this period has passed.

Hiring an attorney involves a significant investment, and there are certain things your lawyer must do as part of your attorney-client relationship. If your lawyer has failed to hold up his or her end of the bargain, act now, or risk being too late. You can learn more about legal malpractice on our webpage.