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February 2019 Archives

Reasons real estate attorneys may face malpractice litigation

Like many other types of professionals, attorneys in California usually carry some type of malpractice insurance to cover their liability if they are found negligent in a legal malpractice lawsuit. Legal malpractice insurance companies keep track of the types of claims that are filed most often. According to the Insurance Journal, in recent years, real estate is one of the top four practice areas generating malpractice claims.

Law firm factors that influence likelihood of legal malpractice

As we’ve discussed on this website, legal malpractice can come in numerous forms. You can sue an attorney for missing deadlines, having their substance abuse problems affect their work or for bad social media behavior that’s detrimental to both you and the case. Despite this, the most common lawsuits in this field often involve either a failure to apply law or a conflict of interest.

Laziness cited for cause of legal malpractice cases

When people hire an attorney to help them with their legal cases, they assume that the attorney will work hard, and use their skills and knowledge to represent their clients’ case to the best of their ability. With a thorough knowledge of state and federal laws and statutes, lawyers should be on task, finding new leads that will help their client succeed in the end. Sadly, this is not always the case, and not all attorneys are diligent in putting their clients’ best interests first. Laziness, when it comes to legal representation, may lead to a wrongful conviction or an otherwise lost case.

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