Making incompetent lawyers pay

Nobody who practices law in California wants to see other bar-certified attorneys fail. However, we believe at Lange Law Corporation that it would be even worse to let negligent or incompetent lawyers get away with their failures without facing some sort of challenge.

If you believe that your attorney did something wrong, and that the wrongdoing led to damages, you could deserve repayment. How much would likely depend on the extent of your injury.

The first question is often not whether the lawyer made a mistake, but rather how much you lost due to any possible mistake. In some cases, you may not suffer a large loss due to your attorney’s error. You may not even know how much you lost. On the other hand, you may know exactly what the lost suit cost you. In this final example, you could easily assess the amount to pursue and proceed with your case upon substantiating your figures. 

Some legal malpractice claims are quite sizable. For example, according to the Daily Business Review, a verdict against a major law firm in Tampa recently awarded 5 million dollars to the plaintiff. The case in question was major medical malpractice — birth injury specifically.

If you are not entirely sure about the damages that arose directly from your lawyer’s breach or negligence, you would be in good company. It is often difficult to assess the damages, as they may take the form of lost opportunities or diminished profits.

Assessing damages is often difficult. You would probably want to work with a team that included financial and accounting professionals as well as lawyers. However, each case is different. Please do not take this as legal advice. It is only meant to form a general background of understanding.