Alcoholism, depression common among American attorneys

Hiring an attorney to represent you in a California legal matter typically requires a substantial investment, and, chances are, you expect that the person you hire will do everything in his or her power to make your investment worthwhile. Regrettably, though, many people who hire attorneys find that they do not live up to expectations, and in some cases, alcohol abuse or depression can contribute to inferior or insufficient performance. At Lange Law Corporation, we recognize that there are high incidences of alcoholism and depression among American attorneys, and we also understand how these and other problems can affect an attorney’s ability to advocate on your behalf.

According to the Chicago Tribune, alcohol abuse has become so problematic among American attorneys that more than one-fifth of licensed attorneys in the United States consume enough alcohol for it to be a problem. While more than 20 percent of licensed, employed American lawyers struggle with alcohol problems, only about 12 percent of all highly educated professionals across other industries are problem drinkers, spotlighting the disparity within the legal profession.

Just what is it about the legal profession that makes attorneys so much more likely to be heavy or problem drinkers? Part of the problem is likely due to the inherently high-stress, high-pressure nature of the job. Additionally, many lawyers who do suffer from alcohol issues are hesitant to come forward and seek help for their issues, which can make the issues that much more likely to persist over time.

Anxiety and depression, both of which can also ultimately impact an attorney’s performance and abilities, are also particularly common for those in the legal profession. In a recent study involving more than 12,000 U.S. attorneys, nearly 30 percent reported struggling with anxiety, while another nearly 20 percent said they were depressed. You can find out more about legal malpractice by visiting our webpage.