An attorney’s responsibility to a client

People in California may have a variety of situations in their lives that require them to seek the input and advice of an attorney. Whether seeking consultation regarding debt relief, divorce, a criminal charge or something completely different, a client should carefully assess a lawyer’s ability to fulfill their obligations before selecting a lawyer to work with. If a client engages in a relationship with an attorney, continued vigilance is important to ensure that the original trust bestowed on the lawyer is earned and maintained.

As explained by the Houston Chronicle, a lawyer must put their own interests aside and focus on what is best for their clients in all cases. Part of living up to this standard requires that the attorney maintain confidentiality as per the client-attorney privilege stipulation. An attorney must also be properly competent to represent a client. For example, if a lawyer offers to help someone with a bankruptcy, the attorney should pose the proper education and experience or have some other means of accurately guiding the client through the process.

The American Bar Association adds that diligence in all areas of work is a must at all times. One vital part of a proper attorney-client relationship is clear and effective communication. A client deserves to be kept abreast of their case.

It is important to note that while a lawyer must advocate for and pursue the best interests of a client, this should not be done at the expense of honest and legal actions or interactions with others.