Red flags to watch out for when talking with your attorney

Many legal malpractice cases could easily be avoided if more attorneys knew how to properly communicate with their clients. It is required for those in the legal field to maintain reasonable communication with their clients by the American Bar Association. If the client is ill-informed or doesn’t get enough information to their attorney, then the chances of losing their case significantly increases.

While discussing the case with your attorney, you need to keep a close eye on their mannerisms and actions to see if this is the right person to represent you. Just one of these potential red flags could be enough to put your entire case in jeopardy.

They are unresponsive

Private meetings shouldn’t be the only time for an attorney to answer any of your questions. If you develop any concerns while awaiting the trial date, you should have your lawyer’s contact information so you can send a quick message to them. It should not take them days or weeks for them to get back to you unless they inform you about their busy hours ahead of time. They may get a lot of clients, but it shouldn’t take that long to get back to you.

With how many communication options there are these days, there are increasingly less excuses an attorney could have for not getting your message. When you ask for their contact information, don’t just limit it to their cell phone number and email. Check to see if they have certain social media accounts or private messaging apps you can use if the matter is urgent.

They are inattentive

Attorneys must be detail-oriented. They need to know everything you have on the case that they can use in your favor. During your meetings, they should be writing down almost everything you say so they can figure out a way to incorporate your perspective into your representation.

While it is natural for your attorney to ask you plenty of questions for the case, they shouldn’t ask you some of the same questions multiple times. If it is just because you didn’t speak clearly or so they can fully grasp what you said immediately after your answer, that’s fine. However, if the same question comes up much later in your conversation, it could mean that either they weren’t fully listening to what you had to say earlier, or they are doubting your previous testimony. You need representation that listens to what you say and is completely on your side.

Their behavior is difficult to work with

Many people often consider attorneys to have aggressive tendencies in the courtroom or only look out for themselves. Some believe that they need someone aggressive to represent them in something like a divorce case so they have a better chance of intimidating the opponent and acquiring more of the assets. However, this behavior is often discouraged in the courtroom and could only end up hurting your case more.

A lack of emotion can also be a bad sign. You could end up with an attorney that appears disinterested in what you have to say or your current predicament. This case could end up affecting your whole life, so they shouldn’t treat it like it’s just another Wednesday at the office.

If you believe poor communication contributed to you losing your case, then you should contact someone who has experience in dealing with negligent attorneys in California to help you recover from your loss.