Is legal malpractice malicious?

California residents like you turn to legal professionals at some of the hardest points in your life. You trust them to be the lifeline and help you in your time of need. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. We at Lange Law Corporation are here to represent you if your time with a legal professional has ended in you filing a legal malpractice complaint.

In cases of legal malpractice, are the actions of the legal professional intentional or done with maliciousness in heart? This may not be the case. Legal malpractice, by definition, is simply the act of a professional failing to perform duties to the standard that is considered acceptable in their given field. For example, if an attorney failed to help you in court because they did not research your case properly, that could potentially be legal malpractice.

It is less likely for an attorney to intentionally shirk their duties with the express purpose of getting you into trouble. Though this is not entirely unheard of, you are much more likely to run into an issue where other factors got in the way of them performing their duties.

However, just because it’s unintentional doesn’t mean you cannot pursue legal action. Regardless of their intentions, if their actions hurt you or your chances in court, you deserve compensation.

Have you been dealing with a looming legal malpractice case? Do you feel like you are running out of options? It can feel overwhelming to lose your legal security in any form. Consider taking a look at our web page on malpractice cases, linked here, and speaking to an attorney well-versed in malpractice cases.