Which law firms are busiest during the summer?

Few can deny that most legal malpractice cases stem from attorneys who miss their deadlines. It’s an easily avoidable mistake that even clients who aren’t too familiar with law can call them out on. It’s especially inexcusable in a state like California where the cutoff score for bar exams is almost 100 points above the national average.

One of the most common excuses attorneys have for missing their deadlines is that they were too busy with other clients and cases at the time. This isn’t enough to justify costing their clients thousands or millions of dollars, but it does give you something to be cautious about during your search for legal representation. If you have a case in the following categories, you should know why summer might be the busiest months of the year for law firms that specialize in these practice areas:

Motor vehicle accidents

Even though the amount of motor vehicle fatalities have decreased in recent years, California still has the second highest amount of car crash deaths in the nation. One thing all states have in common is that summer has the highest motor vehicle injury and fatality rates out of the four seasons. This is due to several factors such as teens getting their licenses, college students having the months off and more people driving to go somewhere outdoors. The amount of reckless and inexperienced drivers on the road ensures that these law firms won’t have many days off this season.

Personal injuries

Summer is often emphasized as the best season to be outdoors. More people start to exercise outside by taking frequent runs or swimming in the pool, and companies that offer outdoor services get the most out of their businesses between June and August. However, the more people that are outside, the more injuries that occur due to a property owner’s potential premises liability. It’s the most popular season for these lawsuits because there’s little to no excuses on why property owners didn’t get rid of potential hazards before guests showed up. They can’t blame it on excessive snowstorms and ice like they can for the winter.

Employment law

California has made several changes in their employment laws in recent years due to the impact of the #MeToo movement. Now that more workers are becoming aware of employee discrimination, they are more willing to settle their disputes in court. What makes summer different than the other seasons is that it’s the most popular season for companies to hire younger workers (which may result in the firing of older workers), and it demonstrates how much employers pay attention to wage laws. Many employees work extra hours at their companies during this season, but their employers may not reward them for it.

If your case falls under one of these categories, there is a high chance your attorney will balance this alongside the needs of several other clients. Even if they are working with another case at the same time, there is no excuse for them to miss out on crucial deadlines.