When to get a new attorney

When California residents hire an attorney, they usually expect this professional to help them out of a difficult situation. However, sometimes people may realize that they hired the wrong lawyer. In this situation, it is all right for people to seek new legal representation.

People might choose to fire their attorney for a number of reasons. USA Today says that sometimes people might get a new lawyer simply because they do not get along with the one they hired. Most of the time, a person wants to feel confident in a lawyer’s abilities. For some people, this may mean that their ideal attorney is calm and professional, while others may prefer someone who is more outgoing and passionate about the case. Additionally, people may choose to get a new lawyer because they do not think their current legal representative cares much about the case.

Sometimes people may need a new attorney for more serious reasons. According to FindLaw, lawyers have to follow certain ethical requirements. They typically have to discuss legal strategies with clients, answer questions about the case and get consent before taking certain actions. If an attorney does not do this, then he or she usually commits malpractice. This is the case even if a lawyer was not intending to be unethical.

Additionally, misconduct is also a good reason to hire a new attorney. Sometimes a lawyer may commit fraud or misuse a client’s funds. In other situations, an attorney might intentionally lie to a client or withhold information. In this situation, it is a good idea to get a new lawyer.