Examining the consequences of a hostile work environment

People who suffer mistreatment at their workplace in California may experience a host of negative side effects that undermine their ability to perform their job. Without adequate support or resources to develop a solution, the organization, as a whole, is at a disadvantage.

Companies who center their policies around fair treatment and infuse tolerance into their culture may exemplify to their employees their values and expectations for treating each other.

Hostility threatens synergy

In some form, every organization relies on teamwork and the unity of its employees to accomplish company directives. Businesses that lack synergy amongst their employees ultimately suffer consequences at both an individual and group level. According to Forbes, a survey addressing the impact of workplace bullying revealed some alarming results including the following:

  • 46 percent of people blamed workplace mistreatment for their lack of productivity at work.
  • 36 percent of people said they chose to quit their job because they experienced ongoing mistreatment.
  • 28 percent of people made a connection between mistreatment at work and a decline in their physical health.
  • 22 percent of people said that mistreatment at work required them to take time off.

While each of these scenarios directly affected the victims, their inability to perform their jobs with confidence and vigilance undoubtedly affected their department and possibly their organization as a whole. Companies that understand just how critical an employee’s safety, comfort and value is will make tolerance an area of primary importance in employee training.

Training makes a difference

Chron suggests that companies focus on coaching their employees through role-playing scenarios. Presenting employees with situations they may encounter in real life and working together as a group to identify the best approach may create a lasting impact. Employees may also gain a clearer understanding of just how much their actions may impact the people around them.