What should you know about severe road burn?

When California motorcyclists get pitched and hit the ground, abrasions may occur. These abrasions are often referred to as road rash or road burn. Most cases are somewhat mild, but what about the severe ones?

VeryWell Health looks into the degrees of severity of road rash. Mild cases are often treatable at home. As long as you take care to ensure it does not get infected, you likely will not need to see a doctor. This is not the case for severe road rash. Symptoms of severe road rash can include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Friction burns or raw flesh covering over 10 percent of the body
  • Visible muscle or bone
  • Nerve damage
  • Foreign objects embedded in the area

Severe road rash is hard to treat and difficult to heal from. The wound can cover a large area of the body. Abrasions can go deep beneath the surface layer of skin. Some cases involve victims with cuts all the way down to the bone. Motorcyclists with affected nerves can also lose sensation in the injured area. They may experience numbness, prickling or tingling, or even pain.

Quick treatment is necessary for these injuries because the infection can set in fast. Victims should seek medical attention right away. Medical professionals can clean and disinfect the area. In some cases, damage may be severe enough to need a skin graft. Many victims will also face a lifetime of recovery and the possibility of scars that will not go away. Despite how common mild road burn is, severe road burn can be a negative experience that may alter your life.