When pedestrians are struck by bicyclists

Often, when people think about traffic collisions, they focus on accidents involving vehicles. However, it is pivotal for people to realize all of the ways in which accidents occur, especially pedestrians because of their increased vulnerability. Many pedestrians are struck by cars and trucks, but some are also hit by motorcyclists as well as bicyclists. Although pedestrian accidents involving bicycles are not always as serious as crashes that involve a vehicle, they have the potential to cause serious injuries and other problems.

Reckless bicyclists

Sometimes, bicyclists are very aggressive on sidewalks, alongside roads and on trails. They travel at a high rate of speed and show little regard for others who are in their path. Moreover, some people ride their bicycles while they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, thinking that it is okay because they are not getting behind the wheel. When these reckless acts cause a pedestrian accident, it is imperative for victims to firmly stand up for their rights. There is no excuse for negligent bicyclists who endanger the safety of others by carelessly riding through areas that see heavy pedestrian traffic and some have a track record of causing such accidents.

Holding a bicyclist accountable

Pedestrians struck by bicyclists often face different hardships, such as high levels of pain, serious injuries, mental trauma and financial problems. Losing the ability to keep working, struggling with hospital bills and other difficulties are common. When reviewing the details of a pedestrian accident, many factors require consideration, especially if legal action is a possibility. Our website discusses other topics related to pedestrian accidents and traffic crashes in general, from the consequences of these incidents to the legal strategies many victims pursue.