What are the most common mistakes attorneys make?

When you hire a law firm to help you with a complex legal issue, you are putting your trust and faith in their legal expertise. While many attorneys diligently defend their clients’ best interests, others make major missteps that cost their clients dearly. These mistakes fall into many different categories, ranging from losing documents to ignoring conflicts of interest.

It is important to choose your legal team carefully to avoid potential issues. It also helps to be aware of common lawyer mistakes, so you can take the proper action if your attorney is providing insufficient counsel.

Errors in communicating with clients

Before an attorney can perform a task on your behalf, he or she must obtain your consent, even if the action is in your best interest. When obtaining consent, the lawyer must also have a frank discussion with you about all the possible results of the decision, both good and bad. Law firms should provide clear instructions to the clients they are working with when it comes to things like filing documents. Attorneys are also obligated to follow any instructions provided by you.

Problems applying the law effectively

You rely on your lawyers’ legal expertise to successfully navigate your case. Even seemingly simple legal issues can be extremely complex, but attorneys possess extensive training and education to ensure they are aware of the law and its many facets. When an attorney’s legal knowledge is lacking, or they are working on a case in a legal area with which they are unfamiliar, it will be more difficult to apply the law effectively.

Poor administrative and clerical practices

Even if a firm is quite adept in their area of the law, other types of errors can occur. Problems filing documents in a timely manner, typos, mistakes when making math calculations, and failure to check documents for issues all fall into this category. While these issues seem relatively minor, they can have a significant impact on a client’s case. This is especially true when it comes to failure to file documents according to deadline.