Can a back injury hamper your ability to work?

California workers like you often depend on your physical capabilities and mobility to do your job. When this gets threatened, your livelihood also suffers under the same threat.

Unfortunately, the very job that you rely on can also result in a back injury. It is important to understand what your options are moving forward and how you can handle back injury and pain.

The damage back injuries cause

Mayo Clinic focuses on back pain, one of the primary concerns back injuries cause. Back pain is more than a slight twinge or soreness. Back pain is often debilitating, rendering you bedridden as you wait for the injury to heal. Pain can come from damage to the muscles or even the spine. In some cases, nerve damage occurs which can leave lasting damage to sensation in the back.

You use your back in almost everything you do. This also means you have the chance of suffering from a back injury no matter what sort of job you have. Back pain and injuries often come from the same sources. Many involve overwork, back stress, repetitive stress injuries and improper lifting techniques.

Why back injuries cost you so much

After suffering from injury, workers like you often need to take time off to recover. This can cost you in sick days or paychecks. What is worse is the fact that back injuries do not always heal on their own. For severe injuries, you may need surgery. On top of that, some injuries never fully heal. Your ability to work your current job could end up altered forever.

Due to these complications, workers like you who suffer from back injuries often seek compensation. This helps you stay afloat during the recovery period.