When may it be necessary to talk to a legal malpractice attorney?

Regardless of the type of law with which an individual may need assistance, he or she expects the person or firm hired to handle it to be competent, knowledgeable, experienced and ethical. When it looks as though the wrong choice was made, a client here in California or elsewhere may be the victim of legal malpractice. However, simply being dissatisfied with the outcome of a case is not enough.

The following common issues could constitute legal malpractice:

  • Not meeting the ethical standards applied to attorneys by being dishonest and failing to represent clients in accordance with certain professional standards.
  • Not advocating for clients adequately by not performing work that meets professional standards.
  • Failing to sufficiently communicate with clients.
  • Engaging in questionable billing practices.

For many people, knowing what to do with their suspicions is the primary issue. Even when an individual has questions regarding the above activities of an attorney he or she hired, immediately filing a complaint may not be the best course of action. Other steps may be taken to clear up the issue. It may be a good idea to speak with an attorney who represents others in this situation.

As is the case with other areas of law, legal malpractice claims often involve complex situations. It would most likely better serve a client’s rights and interests to first determine whether the attorney’s actions rise to a level requiring a complaint. There are attorneys here in California who represent individuals who believe their attorneys have violated ethical and professional standards, and it would more than likely prove beneficial to consult with one prior to taking any action.