Who is responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one?

When a tragic accident results in the loss of a loved one, family members typically have many questions, some of which may never be answered. However, the most burning question may be, “Why?” Why could such a tragedy occur, and who is ultimately responsible. While it may seem obvious that the driver of a vehicle is responsible for a crash, other factors may contribute, making the answers even more challenging to find.

Recently, a group of diners were enjoying a meal on the outdoor patio of a California restaurant. For reasons yet unknown, a 69-year-old man drove his SUV into the roped off area of the parking lot, striking two women who were sitting at a table. One of the women remains in critical condition, but the other was declared brain dead and succumbed to her injuries two days later.

Does restaurant owner share some liability?

Police suspect the driver of the SUV may have been having a medical emergency at the time of the crash. However, questions remain about the safety of the restaurant’s dining arrangements. To help businesses remain viable during the recent health crisis, some California cities are offering assistance with setting up outdoor spaces that are appropriately situated and safe for diners. The restaurant owner apparently had not applied for such a permit.

A loved one leaves home for lunch with a friend and never returns. Families are now left to grieve and try to make sense of what may have been a preventable tragedy. By bringing their questions to a compassionate California legal advocate, they may obtain guidance in finding the answers to some of their painful questions through a wrongful death claim.