Do you believe your previous legal counsel committed malpractice?

Going to an attorney for help with a legal matter may not have seemed comfortable to you at first. Perhaps you had never needed legal assistance before or just did not know what to expect from your case. While legal professionals are certainly supposed to help you feel more at ease and be on your side throughout your legal matter, that was not the experience you had.

Unfortunately, not every attorney does his or her best to meet the needs of clients, and you, like many other California residents, may have ended up losing your case or suffering other damages because your attorney did not uphold the standard of work appropriately. Now, you may feel out of luck.

You have options

Before you completely write off your situation as a complete loss and forget working with attorneys in the future, you may want to assess your situation a little more closely. It is possible that the attorney you worked with committed legal malpractice, and if so, you could be entitled to compensation. If you experienced any of the following issues with your attorney, he or she may have committed malpractice:

  • Misusing your funds for personal expenses rather than handling expenses associated with your case
  • Not staying in contact with you, avoiding your calls or generally keeping you in the dark about your case
  • Missing important deadlines, which could have resulted in delays, penalties or even the dismissal of your case
  • Failing to properly investigate your case during the discovery period and having little evidence to support your side as a result
  • Deceiving you or acting in other fraudulent ways
  • Participating in your case despite having a conflict of interest

Of course, legal malpractice can come in other forms as well. If you believe that your previous attorney did not work in your best interests, did not uphold the standard of the law and caused you to suffer damages as a result, you may have reason to move forward with a legal case against the party.

Holding an attorney accountable

Being an attorney does not mean that a person is above the law. As a result, you may be able to file a legal malpractice claim in efforts to seek compensation for the damages caused by the previous attorney’s misconduct. Taking this action can be complicated, and while you may feel hesitant to seek more legal assistance, an experienced and trusted attorney could help you navigate this process.