Attorney accused of multiple acts of legal malpractice

When someone is dealing with pressing legal matters, it often means their normal life is disrupted by the potential that the outcome will leave them with personal or financial hardships. When this is the case, many in California seek the advice and representation of a lawyer who has experience in the practice area in question. However, a professional who fails to follow through with the steps necessary to minimize a client’s negative outcomes may be committing legal malpractice.

The bar association in another state has received complaints about a certain lawyer for nearly four years and has finally taken action to suspend his law license. In recent months, the complaints against the attorney seem to have escalated. Clients claim the man begins harassing them for money almost immediately after agreeing to take their cases. More than 37 complaints describe harassment involving demands, vulgar and abusive language, and terrifying threats, including one woman who claims he threatened to call child services on her.

What happened to their cases?

Despite paying thousands in retainers and, in some cases, thousands more after his demands, dozens of clients now face the ramifications of their attorney failing to follow through. In many cases, the lawyer allegedly never showed up for court dates, failed to file the appropriate documents or appeared before judges unprepared and unkempt. When clients asked for refunds, his abuse of them increased.

It is possible that attorneys who behave this way may be dealing with personal matters, such as substance abuse. Nevertheless, betrayed clients may want to hold them accountable. It is clear that many clients who place their trust in such professionals suffer serious and sometimes irreparable damage from their legal malpractice.