Multi-cooker recalled after injuries

Occasionally, consumers find a product that exceeds their expectations. On the other hand, many consumers purchase products that, at best, do not work properly or, at worst, cause serious injuries because of defects or flaws. Manufacturers, packagers, retailers and others involved in creating and marketing a product have a responsibility to the public to offer items that do what they are intended to do without causing harm. Failing this may lead to product liability claims.

Pressure cookers are the dream product of busy households. After one adds ingredients to the pot and turns it on, the food cooks in less than half the time of conventional methods. Sunbeam’s Express Multi-Cooker, however, is under a recall because of a serious defect in the lid that makes it unsafe to use in its pressure-cooking mode.

Lifelong injuries

When an appliance cooks under pressure, a key safety feature is a lid that locks into place. However, apparently consumers have difficulty getting the lid to lock securely on Sunbeam’s product. As a result, the pressure causes the lid to dislodge, spraying hot liquid from the pot. More than 100 people have reported suffering burn injuries, some of them third-degree burns, which require immediate medical attention and may result in permanent scarring.

In such cases, the defect may be in the design of the product, which makes it difficult for some consumers to use it properly. In other cases, the instructions and warnings for the correct and safe use of the product may be vague or omit critical elements. A product liability claim will investigate these and other possibilities while seeking fair compensation for those who have suffered injuries.