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Dedicated Lawyer Helping You Seek Unpaid Wages

Has your employer ever asked you to work overtime without paying you for it? Are you expected to work through lunch without taking a break? Are you required to clock out for short rest breaks? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your employer may have violated California’s labor laws.

I am Los Angeles lawyer Joseph J. M. Lange, and I have more than 30 years of experience providing legal guidance to employees who were taken advantage of by their employers through wage and hour violations. You deserve to be paid for the work you perform. I can help you seek unpaid wages and other damages from your negligent employer through a wage and hour class action lawsuit.

Minimum Wage And Overtime Violations

You and your co-workers deserve to be paid in full and on time. Unfortunately, companies throughout California frequently violate minimum wage and overtime laws in an effort to save themselves money.

In California, nonexempt employees are entitled to be paid one and one-half times their regular wages for any amount of overtime worked. If you were paid your regular wages or not paid at all for overtime worked, I can help you seek compensation for unpaid overtime.

The minimum wage in California is currently $9 per hour. However, many employees are paid much less. I have the skills and experience to file a claim on behalf of you and your co-workers. As your attorney, I will be your strongest advocate.

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