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The common reasons you might sue for legal malpractice

When you hire a lawyer, you expect nothing less than prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and ethical representation. At the Lange Law Corporation, we understand that people may not always see eye-to-eye with their lawyers. You might not click with your attorney, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he or she was incompetent or unethical – it may simply have been a difference in personalities or a miscommunication. However, like some Californians, you might have been subjected to legal malpractice, which is an entirely different situation.

Ensuring everyone has access to court reporters

When people face the judge and/or jury in a United States court-of-law, they have certain rights. One of these rights, as decided by the California Supreme Court just recently, is to have a court reporter provided during a case, regardless of whether or not a person can pay for their services. Court reporters are critical to a case, in that they record everything that was said during the trial. Essentially, they help to recreate the trial scene by writing everything that happened.

How 'failure to know the law' constitutes malpractice

Legal malpractice is an issue amongst cases in California and throughout the United States. This type of error occurs when an attorney is not competent to provide adequate legal counsel, and as a result, his or her client receives an unjust verdict. If you have recently hired an attorney to represent your case in court, or you feel as though your lawyer acted in a way that led to an error in your case, it is crucial that you understand how failure to know the law is a component of legal malpractice.

What happens when lawyers fail to meet deadlines

If you have hired an attorney to help you with your case, you have put your faith in the attorney’s ability to represent you to the best of his or her ability. Attorneys have a responsibility to be truthful and upfront with their clients. That includes meeting the specific deadlines that are often given in any type of legal case. Surprisingly this type of legal malpractice is not uncommon in the U.S. According to the American Bar, failing to file documents on time is the fourth most common error made by attorneys, followed by a failure to calendar appointments and make it to critical court dates, as well as failure to know the deadline at all. Planning errors and procrastination also fall into the category of delaying deadlines.

Defining legal malpractice

Hiring a lawyer can be a difficult decision when California residents do not have connections with one they trust. They may ask around, search online and read countless reviews before finally choosing an attorney they feel could best represent their needs. 

When your attorney commingles funds

At Lange Law Corporation in California, we know that when you hire an attorney, you expect that (s)he is trustworthy, ethical and competent. We also know that you do not expect your attorney to say or do anything that could harm you or your case. Most attorneys live up to these expectations every day. Occasionally, however, an attorney makes a mistake and commits malpractice.

Should you sue attorneys if they do not represent you well?

Having the need for an attorney often signals difficulty in managing life's circumstances. Whether the challenge is an ongoing dispute you want to resolve or adoption proceedings you are not sure how to navigate, you hire a lawyer because you need assistance. California lawyers and others advertise themselves as go-to resources for just such occasions, and you presumably enlist the services of the one you believe will best represent you.

Statute of limitations laws for common California legal disputes

If you live in California and are considering filing a lawsuit, there may be certain deadlines you must meet in order to do so. Depending on the type of lawsuit you wish to file, you may have a limited amount of time from the date you suffered an injury or uncovered wrongdoing to file your claim, and if you miss this deadline, you are typically out of luck. At Lange Law Corporation, we understand the importance of adhering to California’s statute of limitations laws when filing lawsuits, and we have assisted many clients whose attorneys failed to heed them pursue appropriate legal recourse.

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