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Understanding your attorney’s ethical duties and obligations

If a California attorney agrees to take your case and represent you, you probably feel confident that he or she will advocate on your behalf and work toward fulfilling your wishes as much as possible. Legal proceedings do not always resolve themselves in the manner you may like, however, so if you lose your case, you may ask yourself whether it was because your attorney somehow dropped the ball. At Lange Law Corporation, we understand the ethical duties and obligations your lawyer has once you become a client, and we have helped many clients whose lawyers shirked these duties pursue appropriate solutions.

Understanding legal conflicts of interest

Hiring a California attorney involves a substantial investment, so you want to feel confident that the person you trust to advocate on your behalf has no conflicts of interest that could potentially interfere with representation. Regrettably, however, attorneys do sometimes take on clients despite having existing conflicts of interest, and they may do so intentionally or unintentionally. At the Lange Law Corporation, we understand how much an attorney conflict of interest can affect your case, and we have helped many clients who found themselves in such circumstances pursue appropriate recourse.

How do I know if my legal counsel is incompetent?

It is not often that you find yourself needing legal counsel in the El Segundo area. When you do, you expect for the attorney you took time and money to hire to protect your rights and represent your interests. Issues can arise with your attorney that may cause you to end up with an unfavorable or unexpected outcome. How do you know if your legal representation is the cause of the result?

Is there a link between attorney substance abuse and malpractice?

If you count yourself among the many people across California who have ever needed legal representation, you probably placed a lot of faith in your attorney, hoping that he or she would do everything in his or her power to help you win your case. When attorneys abuse alcohol or other substances, however, it can hinder their ability to appropriately and adequately represent you.

What is the case-within-a-case method?

If you have been involved in a legal malpractice case, you may feel deceived and abandoned by the person you appointed to protect your best interests. Whether the attorney you hired to represent you neglected to file the correct documents, pursue the best route of action or used some other form of bad lawyering, you have the right to file a claim against them. There are several methods you can use to prove the attorney was negligent in his or her actions. One involves the case-within-a-case method.

What are the top causes of legal malpractice?

While the risks of you getting an incompetent lawyer in California are low, it does happen. In those cases, you might have the option to take your former representative to court under claims of legal malpractice. The type of claim you make would depend on your specific circumstances.

Proving negligence in a legal malpractice case

If you live in California and have reason to hire an attorney, you want to feel confident in his or her abilities, and you want to feel assured that the investment you make is worth it. Regrettably, however, not all attorneys behave ethically at all times, leaving some clients wondering if they may be able to file a legal malpractice claims in their case’s aftermaths. At Lange Law Corporation, we have a firm understanding of what it takes to win a legal malpractice case based on negligence, and we have assisted many clients who suffered losses because of their attorneys’ actions pursue appropriate recourse.

3 common causes of legal malpractice claims

If you live in California and hire an attorney, chances are, you have full faith in his or her ability to properly represent you and act on your behalf. Regrettably, however, attorneys are not immune to making errors, but when the stakes are high, some errors are unacceptable. At Lange Law Corporation, we understand how devastating it can be if you devote time and resources to a particular attorney who fails to properly represent you, and we have helped many clients faced with such scenarios seek appropriate recourse.

Settlement offers in legal malpractice cases

California lawyers make mistakes, and some of these errors amount to legal malpractice. Most attorneys take accusations of malpractice seriously: These are allegations that could conceivably stunt a career if the prosecution proves them to be true. Guilty verdicts in malpractice cases also result in significant stains on an entire firm's reputation. These dire consequences often lead to large firms employing malpractice defense lawyers. In addition, defendants tend to do whatever is in their power to settle outside of court if it seems the evidence would result in an unfavorable decision for the defense. 

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