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“I, and a group of my classmates, were scammed by a for-profit school. Joe Lange represented me in a matter that took almost seven years through a successful trial and appeal. He was a tireless advocate. He was, by far, the best attorney in the courtroom during the trial. He always explained everything to me so I could make the best decisions possible. He always took my calls and answered my questions in a way that I understood and allowed me to make the best decisions possible.”

– Lawrence Y.

“Mr. Lange represented me for the death of my baby son. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I could not have had better advocate on my side. Not only did he win my case, but he successfully represented me for free when the child’s father tried to claim a share of the settlement. He always answered my questions and even gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. Even though the case is over, he still takes my calls and even calls me to make sure that my family and I are okay.”

– Karen D.

“I was sued for millions of dollars. Joe Lange agreed to represent me pro bono because he said that I needed to stand up to the bully suing me. If I had lost the case, I would have been financially ruined. Mr. Lange aggressively represented me and eventually was able to get the entire case dismissed. During the case, he was always there for me. He gave me advice and told me to be strong because, in the end, he believed I would win the case. He still calls me today just to ask how I am doing.”

– Lisa J.

“I was falsely accused of an absolutely horrible crime. As a result, I was arrested and sued civilly. I contacted Joe Lange and he put me in touch with the best connected criminal attorney in the area and stayed involved in my criminal case to make sure that the criminal attorney knew all the facts to keep down my legal fees. As a result, I was never charged with anything. Also, Mr. Lange represented me in the civil case, which I won. Those were very dark days for me, and Joe Lange always told me to be strong, that he believed he could get me out of this mess. Now, my future is bright. There is no chance that I would be where I am today if it were not for Joe Lange.”

– Chris B.

“I was sexually harassed at my workplace. I contacted Joe Lange who, even before agreeing to represent me, spent a lot of time reviewing the facts and explaining the strengths and weaknesses of my case. After he filed the lawsuit, he was constantly in contact with me to explain what was happening and answer my questions. He gave me his cell phone number and said I could call him anytime. After he filed the case, he aggressively prosecuted my claim and never backed down. In the end, he was able to settle the case for an amount that will make a huge difference in my life.”

– Natalie M.

“I approached Joe Lange with a business dispute. He spent countless hours meeting with me and discussing my case. The case went to trial and the judge ruled against me. Joe Lange told me that the judge was wrong and that we should appeal. I agreed and he represented me for the appeal, which I won. As a result of Mr. Lange’s never say quit attitude, I collected a substantial judgment and have since referred other persons to him.”

– Dana G.

“I was the victim of a terrible offense. Joe Lange represented me in a case against the perpetrator. Joe was always there for me. He gave me his cell number and always answered my many questions. I was not always the easiest client because I was so emotional, but he was always very patient and there was no doubt that he really cared for me. In end, because of Joe’s strategy, I was able to achieve the outcome I wanted. Even after it was over, Joe took steps to make sure that I wisely handled the settlement money. I still speak with Joe and have referred several friends to him.”

– Arielle L.